Hello world! I’m embarking on this blog journey because I’ve just been hired to work at a wine shop. And with this job comes the great responsibility of drinking a lot of wine. Also learning about it too. But to learn, drink you must. (That’s a direct Yoda quote.) In fact, I’m drinking wine right now! The sacrifices we make for our careers.

Anyway, with this blog, I am committing myself to bringing home a bottle each week, sitting with it, whispering sweet nothings to it, researching it, drinking it and then writing about it. This way I can document my learning and maybe help some of you other wine enthusiasts out there looking to base your wine purchases on more than just a pretty label, which is very tempting and occasionally still the reason a bottle ends up in my cart.

Also, as part of my research, I’ll be diving into those inevitable buzzwords (i.e. biodynamic wines, orange wines, carbonic maceration wines) you often hear at restaurants, wine shops and your bougie friend’s dinner parties. This way you can nod your head with confidence instead of faking a bathroom emergency to hide in a stall and download Wine for Dummies on your phone.

Mostly though, I am hoping blogging will force me to say things other then “mmmm this wine smells good” and “wow, this tastes yummy” when describing a glass in my hand. I’ll probably still say those things, but I’d also like to articulate why.

So cheers friends! Grab a glass and let’s freaking do this thing.

Also you must be 21 years of age to drink alcohol (legally.) Unless you live somewhere cool, like Europe. In which case, you probably need only ask your nonna for a splash.

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